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Occupational Therapist
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My name is Dilini Mohan and I am an occupational therapist (OT).  I have spent the past 15 years building expertise in holistic pain and mood management.  I'm passionate about using my training and experience to empower all who identify as women to intentionally create the change they want in their bodies and their lives.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what an OT is - many people don’t at first! OT’s focus on function - the why of what you’re trying to do and what’s getting in the way - by looking at how your physical body, moods, thoughts, culture, environment, and lifestyles patterns come together.  Understanding the why allows us to work out a strategy that is specific to you and your goals. 


My focus is on supporting people as they navigate pain and trauma, establish new identities and routines, find meaning and balance in their lives, and manage the roller coaster of moods that may come up.  Additionally, I'm a certified yoga instructor who practices from a trauma-informed and therapeutic perspective. 

If you are looking for a holistic way to manage your pain and mood, let's chat!  I offer a unique blend of counselling, therapeutic exercises, and pain management strategies within a collaborative and non-judgemental approach to restore the mind-body connection and help my clients thrive.

I believe that life is most fulfilling when we build strength in our bodies, our minds, and our relationships and I would love to help you find that balance for yourself.  

Be stronger. Feel better. Thrive.

In-clinic treatment (Markham)  |  Virtual therapy


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Your breath and alignment are foundational to your overall strength, balance, and sense of self.  Optimizing these will improve symptoms of physical and emotional pain.

Be Stronger.

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Pain and mood can affect everything, but you can regain control of your body. Learn to understand and manage your pain and your mood so you can live fully.  

Feel Better.

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Burnout, and feeling disconnected from yourself and others are common experiences.  Build your resilience through individual and group wellness experiences.


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