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Thrive Mama is proud to collaborate with individuals and community partners to offer meaningful workshops and wellness services.  Events are carefully curated to meet the unique needs of the individual, group, or company.

White Rocks

Relaxing or invigorating;

Stillness for your mind; movement for your body.  


Reconnect with yourself.

Vase With Irises

Inspire healthy living and working behaviours through yoga, wellness classes. and workshops customized to your company's needs.  


Notebook and Pencil

Healing and empowering.

Safe for mind and body.

Sometimes it's just better with a group.


More information coming soon!


It's Okay To Not Be Okay
Workshop through the WOMB Vaughan to support parents and teachers in building their capacity to cope with their stressors.  This workshop offered a framework to approach challenging situations and tapped into participants' resilience when managing their stressors.  

Building Resilience
Workshop series for those identifying as women seeking to "feel like themselves" again.  This series includes yoga and meditation and explores how pain, mood, and pelvic health come together and how we can reconnect with our bodies to live fully.

Discovering Yourself - A Workshop For Her
Workshop series empowering those who identify as women to understand the basics of their physical and mental health, identify their stressors, and create intentional change.

Pain and Movement
Workshop empowering individuals to understand their pain so that they can respond to it effectively and thrive.
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