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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Your clients' health is your first priority, but sometimes challenges are complex and are better addressed with support.  Pain and mood related concerns are difficult to discuss and manage in "normal" times.  But now, with decreased access to care, limited social interaction, and increased stress, it seems many more people are reporting an increased need for support in these areas.  


As an occupational therapist I focus on harnessing the inherent power of a person's nervous system to address their pain and mood.  I would love to help you support the women you serve.  

A referral to Thrive Mama is recommended if your clients:

  • Are experiencing chronic pain.

  • Would benefit from support in returning to movement.

  • Are overwhelmed by stress and mood changes.

  • Would benefit from learning mindfulness practices to address anxiety and manage stress.

  • Would benefit from a biopsychosocial approach to pelvic health challenges, such as:

    • Incontinence

    • Diastasis recti

    • Pelvic girdle pain

    • Pelvic organ prolapse 

  • Would benefit from support preparing for pregnancy and delivery & postpartum recovery.

  • Are interested in improving their sexual health and intimacy.

  • Would benefit from support with perimenopausal changes.

  • Would benefit from guidance through difficult life transitions.


My goal is to improve the overall health outcomes of women and their families, and enhance the efficacy of health care focused on those who identify as women.  Let me know if I can support your clients in any way. 

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