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You can thrive, Mama.

Remember, you are worth it.

Physical challenges or unanticipated changes are always accompanied by psychological and emotional changes.  Some of our responses and the habits we form may be positive; some may not be helpful; and some may even be destructive.  With all of our responsibilities and the range of “advice” that’s out that, it may be hard to figure it out from the inside. 

There are so many myths out there about pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and menopause.  Here are some common ones:

  • Motherhood means sacrificing yourself.

  • There is a point after which bodies don't recover from pregnancy and delivery.

  • Returning to your pre-pregnancy workout and exercising intensely soon after having the baby is the best way to lose weight.

  • Incontinence is normal after pregnancy.

  • It’s impossible to lose the “mommy tummy”.

  • Pregnant women automatically know how to be a "mother".

  • Pregnant women should not exercise.

  • Women who have C-section deliveries don’t have the same problems as women who have vaginal deliveries.

  • Menopause happens suddenly.

  • Menopause means you’re officially old.

  • Absolutely nothing can be done about incontinence.

  • Weight gain is inevitable.

  • You can’t do anything about painful sex.

Do any of these resonate with you?  Click here to read more about Pregnancy Myths in the Thrive Mama blog.

The truth is:

  1. You are resilient and powerful, even if you don’t feel like it sometimes. 

  2. You are not alone - there are so many other women out there who feel just like you.

  3. You have more choices than you may think to make changes to your mood, your body, and your life.

  4. You are the only one who can decide your future.

  5. You are worth your care and compassion.


I would love to help you build strength in your body, your mind, and within your relationships.  

We might be a good fit if:

  • You agree that making a sustainable physical change involves considering the impact of your moods, thoughts, culture, and environment.

  • You're ready to make some changes, even small ones, and want some guidance.

  • You're looking for more than a “quick fix”.

  • You've been told "you'll just have to live with it". 

  • You’re dealing with a chronic condition and are hopeful for better quality of life.


Prioritizing your physical and emotional health is the key to your recovery and to your family’s wellness. Thrive Mama assessment and treatment sessions may take place virtual, in-home and/or at our location in Oakville so that you can take care of your personal health needs without sacrificing yourself or your other responsibilities. 

Read about what to expect in assessment and/or treatment sessions >

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