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"What is yoga therapy"?

Yoga therapy is an individualized practice of movement and mindfulness 
focused on addressing your unique combination of breath, alignment, and emotional factors. 

"Am I normal"?

You are normal, even if it may not feel that way sometimes.  However you may not be be functioning at your best. Understanding yourself can help you decide if you want to make any changes to your version of normal.  

"I feel overwhelmed".

Burnout can happen before we even recognize it.  There are many strategies to build resilience and restore balance in your life.

Our lives are complicated.  Kids.  Partners.  Home.  Work.  People often say they are overwhelmed, but feel a sense of pressure to push through for the sake of their families and their work.  This may be lead to strained relationships, decreased performance, feeling disconnected and in pain, and burnout.  We may also start to question why we can't do it all, or wonder if there is something wrong with us.  The truth is that you are normal.  We are all the same, just arranged differently, and responding differently to whatever is going on around us based on our previous experiences. Understanding yourself can help you find joy and reconnect with yourself and others.  


Whether you have a support network, or not, there is no shame in asking for help for yourself or your family.  I provide the following support:

  • Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness sessions - individual or small group

  • Stress and mood management

  • Restorative sleep coaching

  • Pelvic and sexual health therapy

  • Pain management

  • Guidance to help achieve a sense of balance that suits your goals, your values, and your lifestyle

  • Safe and evidence-based core development at any stage of your life 

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