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"Dilini was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable opening up to her about my fears.  My first delivery was tough and I had problems afterward that I hadn't gotten over when I became pregnant with my second.  I went to Dilini for help with my core and pelvis, but I got a lot more than that out of it.  It was hard to make time for treatment, but I am so glad I did.  I learned a lot about my body and my mind. I am happier; I feel stronger; and my relationship with my family is stronger because of it.

- K.P.

"​Dilini is emotionally intelligent and has an empathic nature and calming vibe. Her work with my wife during pregnancy, and after our child was born, was both comforting and focused.   


I thought that the clinical side of things would be most useful.  In fact, it was her holistic approach that led to a great experience and assisted us in achieving life balance goals".

- Lance Johnson

"Dilini was awesome.  I am an intensely private person and Dilini took the time to understand me and the specific challenges I was facing without judgement.  

I am happy with the treatment results and felt truly supported through the process".

- Susan G.

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