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"I don't understand why I feel this way".

It can be difficult to see how our physical body, mood, thoughts, environment, and social circumstances 
influence each other.  Learn how these factors come together for you and how you can make change.

"Is it all in my head"?

Your experience of pain is very real, regardless of whether others are able to see where you hurt.  It can be helpful to work with someone who listens with empathy and understanding.  I believe you.

"It hurts too much".

Pain can be overwhelming, especially when it gets in the way of the things that matter to you - spending time with family, being intimate with your partner, or just being active. It can be hard to find a way forward.  We can help wth that. 

Pain and mood difficulties may start during times of stress and trauma, or during times of transition, such as at a time of loss, when an illness is diagnosed, when you're starting something new, or entering a new stage in life, such as marriage, motherhood, or menopause.  Although ups and downs of mood and pain symptoms are common, if they interfere with your ability to live life fully, a pain management program may help you.  You don't have to be completely overwhelmed before looking for change or relief.  Often, the earlier your start, the easier it is to restore your physical and mental health.

Meaningful and sustainable results start with understanding and responding to the interconnections between physical difficulties, thoughts, and mood, within your social context and responsibilities.  You may be surprised by how much you can improve your ability to manage your pain and the negative feelings that come with it. 

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