Thrive mama was founded by Dilini Mohan, M.Sc.OT., to enhance women's health needs through pregnancy and beyond.


Thrive Mama strives to enable women to optimize their physical and emotional strength.  Thrive Mama is an evidence-based wellness practice that aims to improve the quality of life for all women at any point in their journey. 

Core Values & Practice Philosophy

People get the most out of therapy when their values align with their therapist’s approach.

Thrive Mama is founded on these core concepts: 

  1. Evidence-based Intervention: Clinical science and evidence are crucial in framing what gets treated and how. This means that I rely on my clinical expertise to assess and treat both emotional and physical challenges.  

  2. Empathy and Collaboration: To understand and address both the emotional and physical challenges that come with pregnancy and post-birth, it helps to have gone through it. As a mother I have experienced physical injury and emotional post-partum struggle. That experience informs how I support and work with the women who seek my help. 

  3. Resilience and Empowerment: We are more resilient than we may believe. We have the ability to not only overcome our obstacles, but to thrive on the other side of adversity. Based on that conviction, I build empowering therapeutic plans suited to each person’s unique body, family, and circumstances, and which identify each person’s  innate strengths and resources.

  4. Personalization and Efficiency: Getting the most in value and results from therapy means making it fit your schedule. Therapy is a valuable investment in yourself—your physical and psychological future. Making it worthwhile is why treatment sessions are conducted in-home and on a flexible schedule.

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